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Learn about Apitherapy and how it could help your body heal





the use of products derived from bees as medicine, including venom, honey, pollen, and royal jelly.


Apitherapy is an ancient technique to heal the body that is now supported with modern scientific studies. Honey bee venom (BVT) has been used as a therapy for centuries in many different cultures. It is particularly popular today in China and Eastern Europe, chiefly for chronic inflammatory disease.

Since ancient Egyptian times, the bees were isolated by the beekeeper, before being applied to the affected areas and provoked into stinging the patient. It is reputed that the emperor Charlemagne regularly received such treatment. Bee venom is only one part of Apitherapy, but multitudes of scientific discoveries in the last decade are quickly showing that honey bee venom has the ability to inhibit viruses, bacteria, parasites, and cancer cells; break up bacterial bio-films— as well as act as a powerful anti-inflammatory, mast cell, and immune system modulator.

At The Heal Hive we use all products from the hive: from propolis to royal jelly to pollen and bee venom to help heal broken bodies —holistically. Many of you are reading this because you have heard that BVT is a powerful healing modality to use, in conjunction with your doctor supervised program, when battling chronic infections such as Lyme disease, tick-borne illnesses, and some infectious viruses such as Epstein Barr.

But not everyone is a candidate for this modality.


At The Heal Hive

There Is No “One Size Fits All” Approach To Healing


Every body is different, therefore The Heal Hive takes an individualized approach to Apitherapy.

Your neighbor or family member may have completely different exposure to toxic chemicals than you; they have different genetic coding that decides how much of a prescription their body makes bio-available to whether they are sensitive to sulfur compounds; your partner or best-friend may have Lyme disease but might actually have a different strain of Lyme than you do . . . there are epigenetic, environmental, nutritive, physiological, and emotional differences in every person.

Our approach is holistic.

Our individualized approach is based on our founder Brooke’s experience healing her chronic Lyme, babesiosis, and inflammatory conditions brought on by tick-borne illness using honey Bee Venom Therapy (BVT). Although she credits Bee Venom with saving her life, she knows healing using BVT isn’t as easy as stinging yourself with bees —though stinging yourself is no easy task either.

As Brooke healed, she ran into roadblocks that BVT, alone, couldn’t fix. She had to address her genetic makeup, environmental assaults (as a Ground Zero volunteer, she was exposed to many dangerous chemical compounds), auto-immunity, detox pathways, her physical environment (living in mold), emotional trauma, lifestyle, and diet in order to heal. If she had ignored just one of these factors, she firmly believes she would not be enjoying the health and vitality she is today.


The Heal Hive’s

Approach To Apitherapy


Our goal is to create an easy-to-follow, efficient structure for you to heal.



We are your guide through the process of starting BVT —from ensuring initial safety guidelines are met to your first sting, should you wish.

Our mantra is TEST NOT GUESS —we require every client to be comprehensively lab tested by reputable labs for infectious disease, inflammation, mold, environmental exposures, and allergies prior to starting BVT.

You decide how much help you need in your journey to wellness —from daily check-ins to monthly group sessions.

We work closely with your own doctor to individualize your approach and make sure you are tackling BVT safely and effectively

If you don’t have a medical doctor you love and trust, The Heal Hive works closely with a Harvard-trained medical doctor in California that our clients adore. This is a private practice —but an economical alternative to most Lyme-literate doctors and clinics.

We believe that diet is an essential key to healing —as important as the actual bee medicine. Working with Brooke, our trained nutritionist Magali Brecke is here to teach you how to help heal your body through food.

We don’t ignore the gift modern science has given us with genetic testing. Your epigenetic constitution informs us what your body might require to need to heal faster and more efficiently.

We work with a certified grief yoga therapist and meditation expert, Kathryn Robinson, to help heal the mind and body and make this connection stronger.

We create immersive retreats to give you structure, community, and relief —healing doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

We help you every step of the way in finding better health: whether that is advocating for you with medical specialists, to helping shape you into a lifestyle better suited for healing.


Bee Medicine is powerful medicine, and your safety is our top priority.


We believe it is dangerous to publicly promote BVT as a SIMPLE method for healing complex, chronic illnesses. We do not believe it is safe to begin Bee Venom Therapy under any of the following conditions:



Your have a known allergy to bees.

You are not under medical supervision.

You have not undergone comprehensive medical testing.

You have not tested your home and office for mold exposure.

You have not learned what factors impede success with BVT.

You have not disclosed every medication you are taking to your medical doctor and Heal Hive mentor.

Your diet is not overseen by a professional.

You eat high-histamine foods.

You do not have an Epi-Pen prescription.

You do not practice safe BVT.

You have not been taught to listen to your body for signs of distress.

You take Beta-Blockers, Ibuprofen and/or ACE-inhibitors.


Success means we have taught you to take healing into your own hands.

The Heal Hive’s mission is to EMPOWER you to BEE WELL



The Heal Hive believes Bee Venom Therapy can be an essential part of healing your body safely and holistically but when a body has been chronically ill for months to years, healing isn’t always so simple.

We are here for those with complex conditions: who are frightened, who are confused and who prefer embarking on this holistic modality under doctors supervision, with oversight by a community of expert healers, with personalized dietary recommendations, personalized reputable laboratory testing, and ensuring someone is there to help you remove the environmental and emotional factors that can impede your healing.

Our goal is to help create a safe environment for you to learn how to heal your body while being as independent as possible. Success for us means that we have taught you how to take healing into your own hands, under doctors supervision of course.


Our way is not the only way.



We encourage all who need the healing modality of Apitherapy to pursue it as deemed necessary by your health practitioner. Bees are natures gift — they are not our gift to own or sell but merely teach you how to use.

The Heal Hive is a unique, individualized approach to healing —combining cutting-edge biohacking, detox, and diet approaches, only utilizing some of the techniques in common Apitherapy practices.



Ready to 🐝-gin your journey back to health with The Heal Hive?


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