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A Note Of Hope From Our Founder, Brooke Geahan


I am a Lyme warrior who became chronically ill with tick-borne illnesses and challenging autoimmunity, and have battled both skin and cervical cancer. I went through a terrifying, protracted health battle that started with a tick bite. I took every experimental treatment promoted by my medical doctors —from Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) to Lyme antigens to ozone autohemotherapy among so much more. I spent tens of thousands of dollars at Lyme clinics that only made me feel worse. I spent tens of thousands more on countless prescription drugs, supplements and IV’s given without logical reasons or adequate testing by reputable labs. And I saw more than 50 doctors — very few left me feeling there was a chance I would fully regain my health. 

Despite having spent over $150K of my savings and years of my life in health clinics and doctors offices —I nearly died in the process. My Lyme specialist doctor put me on low dose immunotherapy (LDI) that crashed my immune system and found me fighting for my life in the hospital after contracting a rare infection. It wasn’t just Western medicine —I found little relief from the prescribed herbal protocols and funky ionic foot-baths, among many other holistic therapies that were being administered. Weeks became months, which became years. I was living in non-stop pain, sometimes wheelchair bound, and financially terrorized because nothing was covered by insurance. 

I began to realize the only person that was going to save my life was going to be me –I needed to learn everything there was regarding healing chronic illness naturally. Instead of blindly relying on doctors’ advice and never questioning supplements and drugs slung at me, I started to question authority and question the expensive therapies that had left me sick and broke. 

After three years of getting nowhere, I finally found a way through this quagmire and out the other side. I met nurse Gillian who had fully healed from chronic Lyme using bee venom therapy. She gave me a crash-course in Apitherapy and administered my first test stings. After one month of stinging myself regularly, I was able to think more clearly and my endless joint pain didn’t seem as bad. Three months into stinging and I started to have real hope that there was life beyond chronic tick-borne illness. One year into my protocol and I was well on the road to regaining full health.

Although I had found the healing with bees, that wasn’t the end of my story. Autoimmune issues and mold toxicity popped up. Lifelong bad diet habits and lifestyle choices needed to be addressed and fixed. And I had a lot of healing to do from the extreme trauma of chronic illness. Three years after starting Bee Venom Therapy and addressing my lifestyle and diet, I could finally say I was free of tick-borne chronic illness and that I had autoimmunity firmly in control. I have stayed healthy and full of vitality for the last three years. 

I started The Heal Hive to give you hope, but to also provide realistic, economical, science-backed education on how to empower yourself to be your own healer. If it is not backed by science we don’t promote it. We only recommend reputable lab testing that is overseen by regulation. I promise to never accept advertisements or paid sponsorship. Every brand we promote is researched for integrity and efficacy that we firmly BEE-lieve in. 

Welcome to the Hive, where we get stronger by working together for greater health and wellness. 

Bee well,

Brooke Geahan (@everydayexpert)


Brooke’s Story

I have walked in your shoes and know what it’s like to lose your life to - and also recover from - debilitating chronic illness.”

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Credit | Johnny St. Ours

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After nearly losing her life to tick-borne illness, our founder made a full recovery and found vibrant health through Bee Venom Therapy.


2011| First Bite, Early Symptoms

AUGUST |First tick bite. No antibiotics are given, but I remain symptom-free.

OCTOBER |Panic attacks, neck pain, and debilitating migraines begin.

DECEMBER |Diagnosed with first Melanoma.

2012 | Escalating Symptoms, Lack of Answers

JANUARY | Intermittent night sweats begin. Start to lose energy. Rest a lot.

MARCH | Migraines, extreme neck pain, panic attacks, anxiety, and continuing night sweats, but no diagnosis is given. Never tested for Lyme despite being in high endemic area.

2013 | Second Tick Bite + A Diagnosis

JUNE | Still able to work and play tennis. Day-to-day OK despite migraines.

JULY | Second tick bite w/bullseye. Antibiotics given –but not effective and I become sick.

AUGUST | Fatigue starts and it gets so bad I start to miss work.

SEPTEMBER |Passed out in public, but doctors can’t find a reason. Feeling extremely ill and unable to function. Tell NYC doctors about tick bite and am put on antibiotics, but doctors don’t explore Lyme.

OCTOBER | Finally get a Lyme doctor and IgeneX testing which comes back posotive with severe Babesiosis, Bartonella and Lyme Burgdorferi.

NOVEMBER | Antibiotics & antimalarials. Bedridden, unable to work/exercise/care for myself.

DECEMBER | Extreme brain fog symptoms w/ debilitating joint pain moving around my body.


2014 | Experimenting With Extreme Treatments

JANUARY | IV therapy/oral antibiotics not working at all. I get sicker and sicker. Diagnosed with auto-immune Fibromyalgia and Stage 2 Rheumatoid Arthritis.

FEBRUARY | Diagnosed with my 2nd Melanoma and new Cervical Cancer stage IA1. Start to acquire multiple food intolerances.

MARCH | Head to Santa Fe to try out ozone auto-hemotherapy, IVIG, procaine injections, chelation, more IV antibiotics and anti-virals. Here I learn about Bee Venom Therapy, get one sting from the Hoshindo BVT, but dismiss it entirely because it’s “out there”. Instead I spend a lot of money and time getting nowhere with multiple Lyme MD’s and specialists.

APRIL | Start passing out consistently. Vertigo sets in. Afraid to be alone. Diagnosed with auto-immune Hashimoto’s and MCAS.

JULY |Pass out by myself in shower, hit head on bathtub, suffer major concussion. Found face down naked in bed covered in vomit by neighbors who rush me to emergency room 8 hours after initial fall —might have died otherwise.

2015 | Discovered Bee Venom Therapy And Begin To Improve

JANUARY | Back to Lyme clinic —same old same old, except for new diagnosis of auto-immune POTS.

FEBRUARY | Become intrigued with Bee Venom Therapy after learning from a nurse at my clinic that she used it to fully heal her own Chronic Lyme. I catch my 3rd Melanoma —just in time.

MARCH | Have surgery to put in a port-a-cath to administer my own antibiotic IV’s to stay alive. Immediately after Port surgery realize how insane it all is, beg the nurse to teach me Bee Venom Therapy.

APRIL | Within one month of BVT I feel strong enough to go back to NYC to continue both BVT + vitamin-IV therapy on my own. 

MAY | Getting stronger on BVT but still have fatigue, joint pain, insomnia, interstitial cystitis, among other symptoms. Can not digest or handle many foods still.

JUNE/JULY | Bees are making me strong. Start hiking. Start cooking again avoiding dairy, gluten, and sugar. Symptoms start to go away one-by-one. 

AUGUST | Lyme MD calls with experimental Low Dose Immunotherapy he wants me to try. I tell him I am doing great on bees. He tells me, “you will do even better with the LDI and bees”. He sends me LDI to inject and I go through with it. 

MID-AUGUST | Start feeling very badly again…Rushed to the hospital. I am put in ICU, at first they think meningitis. Organs start to shut down and I have sepsis. LDI crashed my immune system and I came down with very rare bacterial infection called radiobacter. I spend10 days in the hospital fighting for my life.

SEPTEMBER | Fire Lyme doctors, start to exclusively only use Bee Venom Therapy.

DECEMBER | Piecing together roadblocks impeding recovery.

2016 | Recovering, Slowly But Surely

JANUARY | Feeling amazing from BVT but still have rough days and the culprit is not my thyroid anymore —explore autoimmune issues.

MARCH | Diagnosed with Celiac, Pernicious Anemia (P.A.), and atrophic gastritis.

APRIL | Start self-injecting B12 daily for P.A. and avoiding gluten. Hashimoto’s goes into remission along with Fibromyalgia.

2017 - 2018 | Health Restored

2017 | Fully symptom free but still avoid saying “lyme free”. No trace of Rheumatoid Arthritis anymore. Food allergies and intolerances go away. Fully rid myself of SIBO. Brain fog is gone.

2018 |Start to realize I am fully free of Lyme disease and co-infections and test my vitality through stressful situations. Instead of increasing my autoimmune diseases, I have firmly said goodbye to fibromyalgia, POTS, MCAS, Hashimoto’s, atrophic gastritis, and RA. I have also been free of any new melanomas and no trace of cervical cancer. My immune system is functioning perfectly. My only enemy is gluten.


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