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Real Talk. Real Science. Real Healing.


Take Your Life Back From Chronic Illness.

The Heal Hive was created to be your trusted resource for science-based, holistic healing rooted in the ancient practice of Apitherapy — nature’s answer to health and wellness.

Image Credit: Alicia Gbur

Image Credit: Alicia Gbur


Bee Informed.

Learn about Apitherapy and how it can help your body heal


Bee Smart.

Tick borne disease is rising so rapidly that it is a pandemic across the globe. People are suffering, some dying, and doctors are woefully misinformed.

The Heal Hive is your educational platform for prevention, identification and treatment of Lyme Disease and other Tick Borne Illnesses.


 Bee Well.

Find the best cutting edge wellness treatments, techniques for healing, biohacks, food inspiration, travel guides, and real talk about autoimmunity

Bee Healed.

Become empowered to be your own healer and learn how you can recover from chronic illness using apitherapy and the holistic Heal Hive protocol.

Join our upcoming workshops and immersive retreats or book a consultation with our founder, Brooke Geahan, today.

Image Credit: Alicia Gbur

Image Credit: Alicia Gbur


Bee Connected.

The Healer Hub is your resource for finding vetted holistic practitioners who are knowledgeable about chronic illness

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