Brooke created The Heal Hive out of frustration for what she sees as a lack of science or efficacy in wellness.

Chronic illness is hard enough to deal with daily; the isolation, pain and depression can break you. But when faced with conflicting information, inadequate testing, lack of quality care by practitioners using antiquated data, red-tape, and lack of a three-dimensional approach to healing both the mind, body and lifestyle well, it becomes overwhelming for most to figure out where to begin.


Start With A Free, Exploratory Consult

Designed for those who are unsure if Bee Venom Therapy is right from them. During this free, 30 minute consultation you will learn how I healed from Bee Venom Therapy and whether you are a good candidate and might benefit from The Heal Hive protocol. [Free]


Or, Book A New Client Intake Session

Ready to begin The Heal Hive protocol and BVT? Together you’ll go over your past medical history, symptoms and lab work to troubleshoot potential environmental, genetic, and dietary issues that might impede healing results from The Heal Hive Protocol. [$250]


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