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“Nearly 2 years ago I was spending $2k/month on Lyme treatment. I had repeated Shingles flair ups, crushing fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression, MCAS, hormone & weight issues, etc. I ran into Brooke at my local LA Whole Foods. Her story was nothing short of miraculous & I could tell she was truly healed.

That fall I took the bee plunge and would never look back. I couldn't believe how fast my neurological issues disappeared! But at 13 months into it now my energy has only continued to improve, all other symptoms are either gone or tremendously reduced.

There have been hiccups along the way & that was where peeling back the onions layers came in. Brooke helped figure out my next steps: like getting accurate diagnoses of celiac, pernicious anemia, Hashimotos & tailoring supportive supplements to my specific genomics. Things no expensive Lyme doc could figure out. I am incredibly grateful to be living life again, actively participating. I thank God every day for bees, healing, & @thehealhive, Brooke.” -Faith, @faithycc


“Brooke is hands down one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet about bee venom therapy.

She is not only brilliantly science based, she is heart anchored in her work. Having lived the lyme journey from deathbed to full health, she speaks from experience and compassion.  I have attended her workshop and continue to seek her guidance to this day. Brooke is the real deal. I can not recommend her enough.”

- Sharrane, @sharanedorrah, founder of @Peskys_apparel

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“I am so beyond grateful that Brooke @everydayexpert and @thehealhive had a workshop in LA on BVT. My daughter and I were both on the fence about doing BVT until after her class.

We are so grateful for all her experience, strength, and hope she shared. It was suppose to be a two hour class that she generously gave of her time for four hours. We came home and knew that BVT was our chance of completely healing.”

- Tamara, @tamarapatten

“Brooke is an unconventional scientist and researcher, and a large-minded revolutionary.

Brooke helped me save my own life, which is precisely the sort of self-efficacy and attempt for control that my soul had been seeking in every interaction with a healthcare practitioner I had. As for my health, bee venom therapy continues to heal my body, mind, bringing me closer to myself than I ever thought possible.

Incapacitated by my illness, I am now able to work, exercise, and have meaningful relationships with the people I love, something I was incapable of doing before the bees.

Thank you so much Brooke and @thehealhive, you have truly altered the course of my life- you are a teacher, a friend, and a support so invaluable to me in my most trying times. “

- Gaby, @stungbylife

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“I’m so thankful that Brooke just so happened to be a friend of mine when I was diagnosed with Lyme after multiple years of health issues with no answers. Once I got diagnosed Brooke was one of the first people I reached out to knowing first hand how she healed herself from Lyme disease. She never pressured Bee Venom therapy on me, she told me she would not judge me if I chose to go a different route.

Once she showed me the facts of BVT I knew this was the route I wanted to go. I know how scary and confusing it is when considering to do bee venom therapy and not knowing the logistics of how to start, where to get bees, what tools you need, and if it’s safe to start on your own. Brooke taught me everything from how to handle the bees, what to do if they got out, necessary supplements, why a EpiPen is always required. Brooke reads medical journals for fun, any question you have, she’s got the answer!

So thankful she has decided to start The Heal Hive, once she showed me the ropes I knew this is what she was meant to do.” - Holly, @wellthybelly


“I had heard about BVT through a mutual friend. I was reluctant to start and decided to attend one of Brooke’s workshops. She was so generous donating her time and sharing her experience that it was after that meeting I decided to start my own journey of healing through BVT and with the Heal Hive. She has been so generous teaching me and being there when I had questions or concerns.”

- Candace, @candacerachele

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LaurenRothman For The Heal Hive

“I found Brooke online during the darkest period of my life, when I was fast becoming bedridden due to a mystery illness - even though, according to the many doctors I saw, I was “in perfect health.” I didn’t yet suspect Lyme, but I started following @everydayexpert because I was absolutely fascinated by BVT and Brooke’s miraculous recovery.

Eventually I reached out to Brooke and she was incredibly gracious with her time, answering every single one of my questions and gently urging me to get tested for Lyme. By the time I got my positive result, I already knew in my heart that bees were the way to go, and Brooke guided me through the first few crazy weeks of my BVT journey with much encouragement.

Six months later, I’m enjoying a quality of life I never, ever thought I’d regain, and I thank the bees - and Brooke - every single day.” -Lauren, @laurenstingslyme


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