Let’s get real because that is what The Heal Hive is about —it is your resource for science-based wellness that has proven efficacy.

The Heal Hive’s mission is to disseminate facts about chronic illness, help you learn how to avoid modern maladies,and to empower patients to find their way to vibrant health through evidence-based holistic healing.


The Heal Hive is a resource for up-to-date educational content focused on chronic illness; as well as a collective of vetted health experts here to help you navigate your journey to health. You will also find information about workshops being led across the country and immersive retreats incorporating many thought-leaders from the Heal Hive collective and beyond.

The Healer Hub is our portal to scheduling one-on-one health coaching with top experts in lyme disease, bee venom therapy, digestive health, yoga, mold remediation, mental health, meditation, acupuncture, grief counseling, and other forms of healing.

What makes our healers different is most of them have walked in your shoes and know what it is like to suffer from debilitating conditions —they are not only healers but also once frustrated patients.

Chronic illness is rising and Lyme disease growing exponentially as the most common vector-borne disease in the United States —but what isn’t rising is the quality care needed to treat the chronically ill.

While there seems to be a new supplement on the market daily; a new diet plan to help you thrive; and a new top doc telling you how you are one I.V. away from feeling great.

What there hasn’t been till now, is a place to help you find a way out sickness that isn’t going to break the bank.

Trends show that at least one chronic illness affects nearly 133 million Americans yearly, almost half the population and one in four American adults have two or more chronic conditions.

But most Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. Most can’t afford to heal their bodies through conventional methods or experiment with costly holistic methods.

They want to know what works, why it works, and how they can use it to get better. The need is there for welcoming collective of healers happy to share their expertise for the common good.

As an educational platform, The Heal Hive promises to publish only evidence-based facts and science-backed information to help you make the most informed decisions. If we can’t prove it —we wont promote it. Transparency is key with trusting your health journey.

At The Heal Hive we only promote products we have tried and trusted, we do not accept advertisements of any type, and those who attend our workshops and retreats help fund our content development.


The stronger our Hive becomes, the stronger we all become.

Welcome to The Heal Hive —your place for hope and truth in healing.