Bee Healed

Jumpstart your journey back to health with an immersive wellness retreat in Mill Valley, CA, July 20-21st


Our chronic illness retreats are immersive education courses that provide clients with methods to reset and jump-start their healing within a group of like-minded warriors.

You will leave The Heal Hive’s July 20-21st retreat armed with the knowledge, tools and confidence to begin - and successfully complete - The Heal Hive’s holistic Bee Venom Therapy protocol.


The Heal Hive firmly believes that to fully heal a broken body every element that brings forth health has to be addressed.

Led by a group of health leaders who specialize in working with chronic illness, we focus on getting to the root of why you aren't progressing out of chronic illness to jump-start your holistic healing.

You will explore what holistic modality is the right course of action for you –including Bee Venom Therapy– empowering you to become your own bodies expert.

We will teach you how peel back the onions layers of distress, eat healthier despite on-going issues, address environmental factors, and bio-hack your way to success.

The emphasis will be to clear the slate of what isn't serving you so that you can leave the retreat with renewed hope, well-being, and the knowledge needed to create true progression to better health.


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Over the course of the two days (July 20-21st), The Heal Hive retreat at The Hivery will cover the following subjects to ensure you’re prepared and empowered to begin your holistic healing journey:



  • The History of Bee Venom Therapy

  • How to identify whether this holistic modality is right for you

  • How to procure and properly care for honeybees

  • How to sting yourself safely and effectively

  • Avoiding common pitfalls while embarking on Bee Venom Therapy

  • Proper detox protocols while treating yourself with Bee Venom Therapy

  • What to do if complications arise from Bee Venom Therapy

  • How to explain Bee Venom Therapy to your practitioners and others

  • Essential supplements to take when using Bee Venom Therapy

  • Supplements and prescriptions to avoid when using Bee Venom Therapy

  • Environmental issues that can hinder progress

  • Common Autoimmune issues to be addressed while healing

  • Mold exposure and Lyme

  • The full hive: how to safely and effectively incorporate all apitherapy modalities


  • Empowering yourself with medical practitioners

  • Correct lab testing and how to read lab work

  • Overview of the Low Histamine/Autoimmune Protocol diet

  • How to cook healthy and efficiently on a budget

  • How to embark on an elimination diet and keep a food journal

  • How to live your best life eating low histamine

  • How to travel and work while using Bee Venom Therapy


  • Resetting circadian rhythms

  • Learn beneficial Yogic breathing exercises

  • Learn Restorative Yoga poses to alleviate insomnia, pain and stress

  • Chanting for digestive health and vagus nerve regeneration

  • Creating a daily mantra

  • Creating a schedule to inform the body when you can't trust your gut

  • Epigenetic: hack your raw genetic data





11-12:30 BEE VENOM 101|Brooke


1:30-2:30      GRIEF YOGA & INTENTIONS |Kathryne

2:30-2:45 BREAK          

2:45-4:45     LAB WORK REVIEW |Dr. Goodman & Brooke  

4:45-5pm BREAK


6pm-7pm       HEALING LYME GUT |Magali

7pm-8pm            DINNER


What’s Included In The Retreat

  • All organic, allergy-friendly, low-Fodmap, low-histamine meals (Paleo & Vegan)

  • Complimentary organic, gluten-free, paleo snack bar

  • Cooking classes

  • Yoga and led meditations with a leading yogi who understands the complexities of chronic illness

  • Non-toxic, perfume-free supplies e.g. epsom salt, organic oils, etc.

  • Two group healing sessions: opening up our heart centers and embracing community support from the Hive

  • The Heal Hive Bee Venom Therapy Starter Kit

  • Gift bags with essential healing products from our favorite brands

  • Non-irradiated, chlorine-free filtered local spring water

  • One-on-one session with our founder, Brooke Geahan, who will help you understand any roadblocks that might impede healing


Optional Extras


🐝 Attendees will have the opportunity to begin working with The Heal Hive’s in-house, Harvard-trained M.D. You will have time for an initial intake, review of existing lab results, and the option to establish a relationship with a top, full service concierge doctor who will oversee your first year of Bee Venom Therapy.

🐝 Early morning and evening colon hydrotherapy with San Francisco’s top colonic expert.

🐝 Optional intramuscular vitamin supplementation.


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Ready To Join Us At The Hivery July 20-21st?


Heal Hive Workshops

Experience The Heal Hive in a truncated, one day workshop


Our Heal Hive workshops are truncated versions of our immersive wellness retreats.

Sometimes they will consist of simple free introductions to Bee Venom Therapy, which we have previously held in New York City, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Sonoma. Other times they will be full-day deep dives with leading wellness experts who know how to heal broken bodies.

As The Heal Hive expands we will bring these workshops to cities around the United States. Please check this site for updates.