The Healer Hub

Your go-to resource for expertly vetted holistic practitioners who are knowledgeable about chronic illness, especially tick-borne disease


What makes our healers different is that most of them have walked in your shoes and know what it is like to suffer from debilitating conditions —they are not only healers but were once frustrated patients (just like you!).

Exploratory Consult With The Heal Hive


The Heal Hive offers a complimentary 30 min consultation to help answer common questions about BVT and whether it is the right holistic approach for your healing journey. [Please note: Due to popular demand, our summer schedule is currently full. Time slots for new clients are available in mid-Octorber, but please book now to reserve your spot.]

Brooke Geahan, Heal Hive Founder & Queen Bee

Brooke Geahan, our Queen Bee and founder of The Heal Hive, was a New York based media entrepreneur when she got stricken by chronic illness due to tick-borne infections. Prior to getting sick she founded the famed non-profit arts club, The Accompanied Library and Literary Society, as well as launched an e-book reading technology and created high-profile experiential events for top luxury brands. 

Brooke founded the Hive out of frustration for what she sees as a lack of science or efficacy in wellness. Chronic illness is hard enough to deal with daily: the isolation, pain and depression can break you. But when faced with conflicting information, inadequate reputable testing, lack of quality care by practitioners using antiquated data, red-tape, greed, and lack of a three-dimensional approach to healing both the mind, body and lifestyle well, it becomes overwhelming for most to figure out where to begin. 

When working one-on-one with Brooke or attending her workshops and led-retreats you will find she spends over half of her time just discussing testing. Because without knowing exactly what is going on in someones body, it is like throwing darts at a wall —blindfolded. Brooke knows that healing chronic illness isn’t so simple. Many factors have gone into creating a perfect storm that debilitates the patient. There are emotional factors, dietary issues, environmental assaults, potential under-diagnosed autoimmune disease, and genetic factors that can all contribute to not thriving while embarking on a holistic course. She is here to guide you through all of these and to help you be empowered to be your best advocate and healer. 


Magali Brecke, LAc MTCM

Magali works intimately with clients using the principles of Functional Nutrition and Chinese Medicine. Magali believes we each individually have the power to manipulate our genes and our potential for wellness, given the proper tools.

She works with clients across the spectrum, from gut disorders to autoimmune to chronic disease and hormonal health, using food as the foundation upon which all else stands. Her goal is to make eating for healing totally approachable, grounded, and deeply nourishing (also delicious!).

In your first consult, you will learn and implement the accompanying dietary protocol that is essential as you begin your BVT journey. This non-negotiable portion of your BVT foundation orchestrates your reaction to bees, the speed of your healing, your ability to digest and assimilate your supplements, and your day to day comfort as you move up the BVT chain. Nutrition is truly the support on which our bees stand. 

Together we will establish your low-histamine, anti-inflammatory, highly digestible way of eating that fits your individual life. Whether you are dealing with chronic Lyme pain, cystitis, autoimmune flares, constipation or diarrhea, unrelenting fatigue, brain fog, etc- together, we will begin to reset your foundation, delivering the nutrients your body needs in a way it can handle. 

Consults include an individualized nutritional plan, supplement recommendations, recipes, and all the information you need on how to make this work in your real, daily, life. Consults occur via Skype, Facetime, or phone call. 


Kathryn Robinson, E-RYT 500, Grief Yoga© facilitator

Kathryn is a curator of experience. For the past decade she has combined her passion for healing with music, sound, breath, movement and stillness to curate group and personalized healing experiences.

“I am your Yoga coach. I'll keep you honest and accountable. I will show you how our thoughts, actions, and life choices can nourish and support or be a barrier to our healing. We'll hack our brains and our bodies with kriyas, pranayam, and gentle exercises to transform your life. It's a practice, not perfect. Long term shifts are typically experienced after three months of regular, committed practice.”

Your first yoga consultation with Kathryn will be a conversation. A meditation. A deep dive toward your edges. Via video conferencing, a short guided meditation, breathwork and a conversation about your bioindividual needs, Kathryn will demonstrate basic postures to jumpstart you into an accesible yoga practice that supports your healing journey.

Subsequent sessions will support your practice and shifting needs as we dive deeper into your healing journey. Email support provided, and per request, a  researched list of economical local yoga classes and hand-picked practitioners.